The Kingfisher Lodge

Hiking, Biking & Waterfalls

Breathe in and breathe out...

Whether you walk or cycle there are many 100s of kilometres on and around the farm and Sappi forest trails. The waterfalls can be accessed by footpath and track, by bicycle and car on the track.

The river forms 3 waterfalls as it wends away from the Lodge. The main Kingfisher Falls is the first. It is on the Swartkoppies River which flows around the trout dams and falls from Fledermaus Cottage to a rock pool 100 metres below. This waterfall can be seen from a number of angles but by far is best appreciated from the rock pool below.

However you travel to the waterfall, good strong shoes/boots with good tread are essential. If walking, hiking or cycling we recommend using insect repellent and take lots of water. Use good sunscreen. The UV rays are strong in the mountains.

The footpath starts a few metres behind Twilight Cottage (near the campsite). It is approximately 500 metres to the bottom. This path is quite steep and can be slippery depending on the weather. About 2/3 of the way down the path splits by a large fir tree (it will be apparent when you are there). The right hand path leads to the second and third falls. The left path leads to Kingfisher Falls.

Car, bicycle or on foot.

The track starts next the wild dam, about 100 metres from the cattle grid near the lodge. It is 5 kilometres each way. Follow the signs. At the end of the track you can park and walk the last few metres. There is a steep slope followed by a river crossing via wooden bridge. Look out for the entrance to the mine.

On this route do keep an eye out for wildlife. Most wildlife outside of game parks tends to be shy and will keep away from people and cars but you may be lucky and see some of the animals that others have seen on this route. These include a number of species of buck, including kudu, jackal, mongoose, baboons, monkeys, zebra and more.

If walking, another option is to do a circular route including both of the above.

Other walks around the farm include trekking to look for stone circles.

Or, just stroll around the dams and along the river as it flows by